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Elope to Folly Beach SC

Dreaming of a beach elopement? Charleston, SC has 2 main local beaches, Folly Beach and Isle of Palms. There are several others, but they either require special permission, or incur a travel fee.

"Folly Lighthouse" Photo by Penny Reynolds.

One of the most iconic parts of Folly Beach is the Morris Island Lighthouse. This area of the island is at the far point, and there is a 1/2 mile walk to the location. Most of the walk is a closed road, but the last 200-300 yards is up a sand dune across to the beach.

"Boneyard" Photo by Roger Kirby

"Boneyard Elopement" Photo by Roger Kirby

In the same area as the lighthouse, is the boneyard section. They make great photos! As well as the seawall.

"April 2020 Elopement" Photo by Penny Reynolds

"Seawall Kiss" Photo by Penny Reynolds

As you see in the first photo there is also a rock pile.

"Love in the Rocks" Photographer unknown

The next most iconic area of Folly beach is the pier.

This is a fishing pier, and often has many people fishing. The building area on the sand has a gift shop and a restaurant.

"Pier Elopement" Photo by Tides Hotel

This area of Folly Beach is right as you come onto the island, and go to the beach side. It is next to the Tides Hotel and by all the restaurants and shops on Folly Beach making this one of the busiest sections of the island.

FBCP Pelican Watch

At the opposite end of Folly Beach, is the Folly Beach County Park. There is an entrance fee. There is the Pelican Watch Pavilion that can be rented for events, or the Dunes House is available for public use.

Dunes House

Here are a couple of photos of an August 2020 elopement:

Father and Bride

Beach ceremony by Dunes House

For more information on the Folly Beach County Park, you can visit their website. For complete list of beach and parking rules on Folly Beach, you can visit the City of Folly Beach website.

Charleston Elopement Packages recommends the SC Beach Elopement Package for this location. If you are wanting a "simple" elopement, then check out the KISS (Keep it Simply Southern) Elopement Package. You can always create a Personal Package as well. Contact us to check our availability for your date!

"Sunrise" by Roger Kirby

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