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Hampton Park in Charleston SC

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Not only is this park full of natural beauty, it is gorgeously landscaped. It is the largest park in Charleston, located on the upper peninsula. It is one of the few City of Charleston parks that have restrooms. The colors and textures of the gardens create many photo opportunities! There is a pond with a fountain, beautiful walkways, a gazebo, and huge mossy live oak trees.

elopement under the mossy oak at hampton park charleston sc

mossy oak tree by the pond at hampton park

This is 1 of 3 of the large mossy oaks. The one closest to the parking lot is this large live oak with the long sprawling branches. As you see in the photos, this park is not overrun with people. It is considered more of a neighborhood park, which is perfect for elopements!

large live oaks and a pond at hampton park in charleston sc

mossy oaks of hampton park

But the one the locals refer to as the "mini-angel oak" is across the pond.

engagement photo at hampton park
Photo by Priscilla Thomas Photography

sprawling tree branches at hampton park charleston sc

The fountain and pond adds a nice water feature with ducks and geese usually present.

bridge over the pond at hampton park

elopement ceremony by the fountain at hampton park charleston sc

fountain at hampton park

bridge over the pond hampton park

Surrounding the trees and pond area are landscaped walkways.

landscaped walkways at hampton park charleston sc

gardens at hampton park

statue at hampton park

With all the photo opportunities at this park, the most popular elopement package is the Fairy Tale Package, followed by the KISS elopement package. The main path to the gazebo is lined in trees and lamp posts.

kiss around the pole elope to charleston sc

light poles used for photos at hampton park

The gazebo is great for photos as well as a plan B for the dreaded rain!

hampton park gazebo

hampton park gazebo with flowers

I love the side path from the gazebo with the low hanging spanish moss!

mossy walkway charleston sc

mossy walkway at hampton park

There is also a garden area around the pavilion.

bench in the gardens of hampton park charleston sc

elopement at hampton park in the gardens charleston sc

patio area of hampton park charleston sc

landscaped gardens at Hampton Park

dipped kiss at Hampton park elopement charleston

mossy tree walkway charleston sc

Unfortunately, the horse and carriage is not available at this location. Here are several more photos around Hampton Park as part of our Charleston elopement packages!

private elopement hampton park

Mossy trees at Hampton Park Charleston SC

Palmtrees and live oaks at Hampton Park

Romantic elopement in Charleston SC

Hampton Park Charleston SC

romantic elopement in Charleston SC

Elopement with large mossy trees SC

family friendly park in Charleston Sc

Can you see your elopement at this location? Contact us to check our availability! You can check out our elopement packages . You can view recent photos on our photo website.

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