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22 Favorite Elopement Photos from 2022

Updated: May 9

I love and hate the yearly blog post on favorite photos. I love revisiting the photos from the year and remembering the couples! I hate having to narrow down 121 weddings (for 2022) down to 22 favorite photos!

What makes a favorite photo stand out? It is almost always not the same thing! It could be the pose, the background, the expression on a face, the colors of the sunset, humor, the couples being themselves, or most likely some type of combination of these!!

Without further ado, and in no particular order..... Here are my top 22 photos from 2022!!

romantic boat ride at cypress gardens

Let's start of with a romantic boat ride at Cypress Gardens!

sunset beach reflection

sunset beach elopement with reflection

Although 2 photos, I am counting them as 1! They were taken within 15 seconds of one another. The closeup of the reflection! (I love a reflection photo) Then zoomed out for the full photo and that amazing sunset (and reflection)!

first kiss under the wedding oak

First kiss after the ceremony at Charles Towne Landing with the "wedding oak" in the background.

downtown charleston elopement

Windowboxes, gas lanterns, slate sidewalks, and just out of view is the cobblestone road in downtown Charleston. This photo was taken across the street from Washington Square.

elopement under spanish moss

Walking down a pathway at Hampton Park with a natural arch of spanish moss.

celebrate in large beach chair photo

Weekday beach elopement at Wild Dunes Resort offers a very private setting. This couple wanted to have a toast in the large size beach chair!

sprawling oak tree wedding photo

Large sprawling live oaks covered in the spanish moss at Hampton Park make a beautiful backdrop. I also love this pose and expressions.

stunning bridal portrait

I often pose brides by the iron gates for a bridal portrait. Rarely do the brides knock it out of the park like this one did!

sweet true love elopement photo

Many times after the first kiss, couples go into a hug. But the expressions of pure joy and contentment just sent this photo to a new level!

black and white elopement photo

Whenever I make an image black and white, the couple also receive the color version. But there are times when I feel the black and white image is better. Taken at White Point Gardens.

sexy romantic wedding photo pose

I am not sure what made this photo... her dress, the pose, the bright colored Charleston house, the expression... Yea... it's all good!!

laughing couple wedding photo

This one almost feels like cheating. They made this photo! I posed them, but they made it!! Taken at White Point Gardens.

beach wedding photo with rainbow

And when nature gives you this beauty, you take it!!! Add the couple's willingness to walk through water and climb on the rocks... and wow!

same sex elopement charleston sc gay elopement

2 grooms, 2 adorable bow ties, 2 much fun at this elopement!!

romantic sunset beach elopement charleston sc

Tired of sunset beach elopements? Yes, me neither.

a perfect love elopement photo charles towne landing

Yea... the only comment I am making here is the HUGE live oak is at Charles Towne Landing. The rest speaks for itself.

wedding ring photo

This photo was a request from the bride. She wanted a photo of her "pulling" the groom, but the focus on her ring, and she blurred. I wasn't sure how this would turn out... But I like it!

beach elopement south carolina

This beach elopement photo is stunning without the sunset!

wedding photo downtown sc

funny wedding photo charleston sc

Bride requested the first photo due to the address. The groom requested the second photo, for the same reason.... Love when the couples show themselves and have fun!!

christmas elopement in charleston sc

Christmas elopements offer new photo opportunities!! This was taken inside Hotel Bennett.

beach elopement fun photo south carolina sc

When couples elope, they are not worried about the guests, or if the tables are set up correctly, or if the guests are getting along, they are just into each other enjoying the moment. This is why I specialize in elopements!

groom heel click white point gardens charleston

If you give me a heel click... it will be part of the favorites!!!! At White Point Gardens.

This was a special moon. I forget if it was blood moon or harvest moon... But, all photos until this one was taken by me (Penny Reynolds). I will in no way take credit for this photo! I hired a close friend Mike Mulligan who does excellent lighting! We had their ceremony as the moon was rising!! Here are a couple more from this elopement.

On the last one, the bride was holding my iPad to light up the groom's written vows!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! You can check out 21 favorites from 2021, or our favorites from 2020. We also have a photo website you can check out.

Looking for an elopement package? We would love to be part of your special moment! Contact us for our availability!

A few more close contenders:

ceremony in Philadelphia Alley
ceremony in Philadelphia Alley

Bridal pose at Charles Towne Landing
Bridal pose at Charles Towne Landing

Sunset beach elopement at isle of palms sc
Isle of Palms

elopement photo Philadelphia Alley, Downtown Charleston
Philadelphia Alley, Downtown Charleston

bride and groom beach wedding thank you card photo
Thank you card photo

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