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Top 50 Charleston Elopement Photos of 2020

The year 2020 will go down in the history books. We all experienced hardships, inconveniences, and compromises. Despite it, we start 2021 stronger, and more appreciative of what we have. I am blessed to have been involved in helping almost 200 couples elope in 2020! I wanted to share the top 50 elopement photos from the year. I won't comment on the photos, it may have been chosen for a beautiful sunset, an amazing location, a cute pose, or the way the love was captured between the couple! I will let you decide why these photos were chosen.

What better place to start than sunrise? Being on the east coast, our sunrises are more colorful than sunsets. Since we are starting with a sunrise at the beach, we will continue with the beach theme...

Kick the sand off your sandals, and let's visit some parks! Charleston is known for the large mossy oak trees...

Feeling the romance? Here are some more elopement photos around the Charleston area:

Since we started with sunrise, we will finish with sunset. Or more specifically sunset not at the beach.....

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Let us know if there are particular poses you would like to capture at your elopement! Want to know where certain photos were taken? Send us an email, and we will be happy to tell you! Photography is included in all of our packages! Share your favorite image on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, just please tag us!!

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