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Historic Downtown Charleston Elopement and Photo Package

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

We created the Capturing Charleston Elopement package just over a year ago. It has been one of our most popular and enjoyable packages! When we started the package, we decided to start it in the heart of historic downtown Charleston at Washington Square.

Washington square park elopement Charleston sc

This park is the most private of the 3 parks in the historic downtown area. There is a parking garage right across the street, as well as street side metered parking. On one side of Washington Square is Charleston's longest cobblestone road, Chalmers Street, with active gas lanterns.

Charleston elopement photo package

Cobblestone road Charleston sc

The package includes hair and makeup services for the bride! The beautician travels to your accommodations to perform the services! For more information and examples of hair and makeup services, click here.

Bridal Hair and makeup

Charleston bride hair and makeup

Charleston Elopements

We meet you at Washington Square about 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. Flowers are handed to the bride, and the marriage license given to the officiant. We will then choose a spot in the park to have the ceremony! Of course, the photographer will be capturing the intimate moments of the ceremony.

Elope to Charleston sc

After the ceremony we will take group photos if you have guests, or some of the newlywed photos around the park if no guests. Once the officiant has the marriage license filled out, you will sign to make the marriage legal!

Signing sc marriage License

Take a deep breath, you are MARRIED! Time to celebrate and have fun! We will wander the downtown area capturing the iconic areas (rainbow, row, the harbor, some hidden quaint alley ways, window boxes, iron gates, etc). If there is an area or feature you want to make sure we capture, just let us know!

Walking downtown Charleston sc

Charleston elope to package photographer

Rainbow row newlywed photos

Charleston historic alleyway

We wander around and back to Washington Square (unless another location is preferred). The package is set up for 75 images, one and a half hours. The walking portion is about a mile and takes about an hour to complete.

Charleston sc wedding photographer

Romantic elopement photos

Weekdays are preferred for the best photos without random people in the background of your photos. Downtown gets very busy during the weekend.

Discover and capture historical Charleston sc

Pink church Charleston sc

We have also started the package at Waterfront Park. We mostly cover the same area whether we start at Waterfront or Washington Square.

Intimate wedding ceremony waterfront park Charleston

Love at pineapple fountain Charleston

Elopement at Charleston harbor

We can do the package from White Point Gardens, but it is a further walk to the iconic areas and would require an increase in the photos in the package.

First kiss at white point gardens

Elopement at Charleston battery park

Regardless of which path we decide to go on, you will have amazing photos of your Charleston Elopement!! Check out the Capturing Charleston Elopement Package. As with all of our packages, you can customize it to your needs!

Historic home Charleston battery

Ivy coved wall charleston

You can view recent photos on our photo website. You can view different photos of each of the downtown parks. Email us to check for availability and customize the Capturing Charleston Elopement Package to reserve your Charleston elopement! Here are some more photos:

Charleston city hall

Romantic elopement Charleston sc

Romantic elopement photographer Charleston

East bay st historic district

Expressive elopement photographer Charleston

Colorful window boxes Charleston sc

Just married in Charleston sc

Downtown Charleston elopement package

Southern gentleman Charleston sc

Mossy steps charleston

Fun wedding newlywed photos

Dancing in alley under lights

Elopement packages Charleston sc

Romantic photographer Charleston

Iron gates Charleston sc

Romantic poses for newlyweds

Kiss at downtown fountain sc

Beautiful elopement photos

Capture Charleston elopement package

Groom lifts bride up

All photos shown taken by Penny of Charleston Elopement Packages. You can see more photos around downtown parks on our photo website.

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