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Riverfront Park in North Charleston

Riverfront park in North Charleston is often overlooked as a great place for an elopement or intimate wedding ceremony.

Riverfront Park is located on the Cooper River in North Charleston. The address is 1045 Everglades Ave, North Charleston. It is adjacent to the Old Navy yard that hosts the H.L. Hunley submarine, and less than 5 minutes from historical North Charleston also known as Park Circle.

There is a long curved boardwalk over the Cooper River with some marsh, and excellent views of nature's creatures from land, sea, and sky!

If you prefer the large mossy oak trees, there are plenty of them around!

Since it is not in the downtown Charleston peninsula, there is very little tourist traffic. In all the times I have been there, I have seen a couple of kids playing on the playground area, a few fisherman at the pier, and an occasional person walking their dog. Speaking of which, here is my Australian Shepherd, Merle posing with the artwork!

Riverfront park is home to the Naval War Memorial.

Up the river from the park is the Don Holt Bridge. This is a great place to catch the sunset!

Before your elopement, drive around the Old Navy base and check out the historic homes built in the 1930’s that housed the officers.

After your elopement, go by the Hunley Museum for a tour of the first successful combat submarine!

Then head over to Park Circle for a unique dining experience. No matter your taste, or hunger level, you can find a place in Park Circle. From ice-cream, coffee and bakeries, to wine bars and full fledge dining options from casual to elegant.

Park Circle hosts Lola’s (New Orlean’s cajun food), Lotus (Vietnamse), EVO Pizzeria (wood-fired oven pizza and more), Sesame Burgers and Beer (offering chicken, ground turkey, beef, black bean, and elk burgers), Stems & Skins (“Fresh + Funky Ferments”, wine and appetizers), DIG (outdoor casual dining), and Coastal Brewing (local brewery started in 2007). There are several other restaurants in the area depending on your tastes and mood like BBQ, Irish pub, coffee house, etc. I have not tried it YET… But there is also an ax throwing bar.

If you have experienced Charleston, and want to experience the naval history as well as have your elopement in a beautiful location that will be mostly private, you may want to think about Riverfront Park!

Perfect location for the Southern Romance or KISS elopement packages! Contact us to check our availability. Scroll down for more photos of this location.

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