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South Carolina Marriage License Info

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

I know the marriage license laws can seem confusing. You will need a marriage license from the state where the ceremony is performed.

Charleston County Court is fully online. You apply online for the license and pay the non-refundable $70 along with uploading the required documentation. Once it is processed the court will email you the marriage license. You can then forward the email to us, and we will handle it from there!

charleston marriage license

For a SC marriage license, you can get one from any county in the state. For example, many brides that live in Charlotte, NC get their marriage license from Rock Hill. You can obtain this at any time as it does not expire. Each county has its own price and required documentation.

what is needed to apply for sc marriage license

The main consideration is the 24 hour waiting period. If you apply for your license at 2 pm on Thursday, you cannot pick up your license until 2pm on Friday. The probate court is closed on weekends and many holidays.

south carolina marriage license rules

The Charleston County Probate Court office is conveniently located at 100 Broad Street, Suite 469 Charleston, SC 29401. For your convenience, the office is open from Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm. However, we recommend you contact the office you plan to use and confirm their hours and location. For more information, please visit the Charleston County Probate Court Office Website.

framed sc marriage certificate

When you pick up your South Carolina marriage license, it will have 3 copies. One for the couple, and the other 2 are returned to the court. We will fill out all 3 copies and return the court copies to the proper court for you!

charleston beach wedding officiant

Officiant services are included in all of our elopement packages! If you have your own officiant, that is fine! We can assist your officiant in properly filling out the forms if needed!

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